Thanks for joining us and congrats on taking the first steps toward building a stronger marriage. We’re honored to be a part of your journey.

Zach and Laura have spent thousands of hours counseling married couples from all walks of life, and have been trained extensively by Dr. John Gottman and The Gottman Institute. Their teaching is practical, proven, and if you do the work… transformative. You can review the entire curriculum below, or just get started. For now, here’s what you need to know:

Every Module will include:

  • Videos
  • Activity Sheets
  • Audio mp3’s (if you want to listen on the go)
  • and Transcripts.

You can go through the entire course at your own pace, however we’ve heard from couples that two videos a week, together with the Activity Sheets, is a perfect pace. However you go decide to go through MARRIAGE in MOTION, the main thing is… just keep moving. Slow and steady wins the race.

We’re thrilled you’re here. If you have any questions along the way, simply email us at info@forbetter.us. We’re here… on your side.

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Here is what you will learn:

    Base Camp, and Getting Started
  • Lesson #1:  Getting ‘unstuck’ begins with a commitment to start moving.

    Lesson #2: It’s time to take personal response-“ability”.

    Lesson #3: Defining intimacy. It’s so much more than sex.

    Lesson #4: Emotional intelligence can be learned, and is essential to a lasting marriage.

    Not All Conflict Is Created Equal
  • Lesson #5: 2/3rds of all marital conflict is perpetual. 1/3 is solvable. There are problems to solve vs. tensions to manage.

    Lesson #6: Let’s repair that: How conflict is an opportunity for connection and partnership.

    Lesson #7: Empathy… the secret to creating profound connections.

    Lesson #8: The art of compromise is not about meeting in the middle.

    How To Build Daily Intimacy
  • Lesson #9: Small wins create big change over time.

    Lesson #10: Friendship is the foundation of every healthy marriage.

    Lesson #11: The most intimate marriage isn’t confined to the bedroom.

    Lesson #12: How to cultivate an epic friendship.

    Write Your Own Story
  • Lesson #13: Your routines and rituals will determine your direction.

    Lesson #14: You’ll need a map to get you to your desired location.

    Lesson #15: Be intentional about your future together. Define your dream.

    Lesson #16: Two words to keep your MARRIAGE in MOTION.