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Welcome to Module One: Your Journey to forBetter


Most of the “help” aimed at couples is aimed at the couple. That’s perfectly reasonable. But at MARRIAGE in MOTION, we believe that your ability to move toward the marriage you desire and deserve begins with, well… it begins with you.

A healthy relationship is only possible when two healthy partners show up for one another. And that starts with personal accountability and responsibility.You have a personal responsibility — Response-Ability — to chase the marriage you want. And you are empowered, because, well… you have power. You have the power to think, respond, act, and choose.

In Module One we’ll invite you to prepare for a MARRIAGE in MOTION. This means you’ll need to consider your first steps and the supplies you’ll need. You’ll need to pack. And you’ll need to go.

    Lesson #1: Getting you to “go”.
    We examine and invite your commitment to a MARRIAGE in MOTION. We also give you a clear orientation of where your marriage can go, and what it will take to get it where you want to be.

    Lesson #2: Personal Response-ability
    You can influence your spouse, but you cannot control him/her. In this lesson, we explore your personal power, and how to change the direction of your story. We also explore how easy it is to gravitate toward divorce, and help you to know if you’re headed in that direction.

    Lesson #3: Intimacy… much more than sex.
    We invite you to consider an expanded definition of intimacy, and ask you BOTH to imagine a more mature vision for connection. We also ask you to confront some of the reasons why you may be hijacking intimacy in your relationship.

    Lesson #4: Emotional Intelligence
    We introduce the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Growing your emotional intelligence is not only possible, but essential to any meaningful progress toward a MARRIAGE in MOTION.


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