Welcome to Module Three: AN EPIC FRIENDSHIP


This might be the most important Module in the entire MARRIAGE in MOTION course.

One of the central themes of MARRIAGE in MOTION is slow and steady wins the race. Intimacy and ecstasy aren’t the byproduct of chemistry… they’re the byproduct of consistency over time.

Intimacy is the goal of marriage and it’s built in the day to day moments of living life together. It’s (mostly) not about the huge gestures. You don’t have to create big change in order to experience big changes in your marriage.

Small wins, over time, make all the difference.

In Module Three, we’ll address the issue of your marital friendship, the foundation of any marriage built for the long haul. We’ll point you toward an epic friendship, complete with laughter, creativity, gratitude, and trust.

    Lesson #1: Small Wins – Big Gains.
    This lesson proves the power of small wins, experienced over time. You’ll learn how to change the rules of your relationship to provide more enjoyment and longevity. You’ll also learn the true meaning of one sneaky little word in your marriage vows.

    Lesson #2: Friendship Matters.
    In this lesson, we detail the three declarations of a marital friendship. You’ll learn what it actually means to love – and like – for a lifetime. And you’ll learn what matters most to a marital friendship and how to build that skill – for a lifetime.

    Lesson #3: Physical vs/and Sexual Intimacy.
    You’ll learn the differences between physical and sexual intimacy, and how to use those differences to build both. You’ll learn the secret to sexual intimacy as well as how to have the best sex of your life, for a lifetime.

    Lesson #4: An Epic Friendship.
    This lesson reinforces the key qualities of, and questions around, a marital friendship. An EPIC marital friendship. You’ll learn how to avoid eroding and destroying the friendship you have, and more importantly… you’ll learn more about how to deepen the lifelong friendship you already have.


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