Welcome to Module Two: Not all Conflict is Created Equal


Every marriage will have conflict, and most of your conflict will not go away. Ever.

But not all conflicts are created equally. You have real ‘problems to solve’ and ongoing ‘tensions to manage‘. Knowing the difference makes all the difference.

The question is: What you will do about it? Will you allow perpetual conflict to destroy your marriage, or will you leverage it as a pathway to intimacy?

You see, this is what couples who have long, healthy, happy marriages have figured out: They’re going to have conflict, but their conflict is an opportunity to learn, empathize, and deepen the partnership.

In Module Two, we will tackle your pain at the source. We’ll equip you with skills to navigate your inevitable conflict. And we’ll give you a vision for how to move through conflict in a way that actually brings you closer.

    Lesson #1: Problems to Solve VS Tensions to Manage.
    We offer much-needed perspective on your conflict and ask you to consider different strategies for different kinds of problems. You’ll also learn how to discern when losing is actually better than winning.

    Lesson #2: Let’s REPAIR That.
    In this lesson, we detail the single most important skill you need to deal with conflict. You’ll also learn exactly when to use this skill and how. Finally, Lesson 2 will help you understand how you can accelerate the process of recovering from conflict.

    Lesson #3: Empathy is the key.
    We’ll explain how conflict and intimacy are connected, and more importantly, how conflict is actually required for intimacy. You’ll learn how one small vocabulary shift can change an entire relationship. And you’ll also learn about the single greatest threat to relational harmony.

    Lesson #4: Stories from Real Couples.
    The Art of Compromise: It’s NOT about meeting in the middle.


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